December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! all and to all a good night.

I love this holiday... the lights, the sweets, the presents, the decorations, spending time with loved ones, always makes me feel so warm inside :)
Now I'm off to watch every single movie version of A Christmas Carol ever made..

Have a wonderful time and spread the love x

October 24, 2011

Digital Wonderland

Just some more of my digital artwork. The models for these are two of my closest childhood friends, Sylvia and Niki. The three of us basically grew up together, all living on the same street and going to the same schools. Since finishing school, we have all moved away -although I have just moved back to said street- and unfortunately we see each other a lot less. So last summer we decided to have a reunion and as part of that, a photoshoot! So the original photos that I used for these images are from part 2 of our reunion. (part 1 was when we realized that Sylvia's appartment would be a great place for photos!)

Pale Magic (Sylvia)

Blue Embraced (Sylvia)

The Still Traveller (Niki)

Hope you like them :)

October 18, 2011

Comic book inspired doll & wip

Hello blog world! :)
First of all I'd like to introduce my latest doll, Zoe.

I wanted to create a comic book inspired doll, with vibrant colours, a superhero mask and a dresss made out of a comic book page-style fabric that I had in my fabric collection. I actually really enjoyed this and might make more comic book inspired dolls in the future.

And this is a snap of the doll I am currently working on.. It's not a good photo and doesn't do her justice. I'll post more soon. She's a lot more detailed than my other dolls and is based on a concept/story that is very dear to my heart.

Until my next post... take care everyone :)

October 06, 2011


Introducing Chloe:

She was a lot of fun to create and is one of my favourite dolls I've made :)

Available in my etsy shop.

September 10, 2011

Some of my digital work..

Since I haven't got any new dolls to show (I've got a uni deadline chasing me at the moment and no time for anything else), I thought I'd show you some of my digital art. I've still got a lot to learn as it's only a little over a year that I've been doing this, but I'm quite happy with the outcome of these. It's a series of four photomanipulations loosely based around the 4 elements, but mostly inspired by the four women depicted in them. They are four very special friends of mine and I wanted to make portraits of them, including things they like, symbols that are special to them and symbols that relate to my experience of them. And some inside jokes! So here they are:






August 29, 2011

To those still watching...

hi! it's been very long...
but I'm back :)