November 01, 2012

Random halloweenish post!

I found this drawing in a reeeeeally old sketchbook and it made me smile! Added digital background and voila... My version of the powerpuff girls!

Also, I'm not proud of it but I love this game.
I really like the creepy-cute visuals and music, as well as the fact that it's really easy to finish!

 On art related news, I have a few dolls finished that I haven't posted here and I have a few in progress. Also I recently took part in an art exhibition with 9 of my dolls.
Here's a new photo of two of my favourite dolls, which was taken for the fuctArt magazine feature I mentioned in my last post.

June 12, 2012

Snowglobe princess + animated music video

My latest digital work, which I mentioned in my last post. In my defense, it was started sometime in February! It's partly inspired by Lacuna Coil's beautiful song 'To myself I turned'.

In other news, quite a few exciting things have happened. I might be officially jobless (apart from the occasional commission here and there) but life is keeping me busy. I have presented a couple of Art Therapy workshops lately, which went really well (or so they told me!) My dolls were featured in issue #15 of Fuctart, an online art magazine (available for download here: Some of my digital illustrations were exhibited in Athens Video Art Festival last month. Unfortunately the lighting in that exhibition space was really bad so I don't have any photos worth showing. 
Also I was contacted by a band called Lickthestranger who asked me if they could use a stop motion animation video I've made as the music video for their song 'Lifting you up'. I gave them permission and  they handed the video over to a director who edited it to match their song. I really like how the video turned out.
You can watch it here:

I really hope I get to make more animations in the future. I just need to come up with an idea that excites me enough to do it. Fingers crossed it comes to me soon!

March 13, 2012

Twisted daydream

As promised, here's my latest digital illustration

I'll be honest, I'm quite proud of this one :)
The model is my ex-flatmate Jenny. She's studied ballet which makes her an amazing model and she's a lot of fun to work with. I'm already working on another picture of her, a snow globe themed one!
And because I love it when artists share their progress pictures. I thought I'd share a before and after picture, so you can see the original photo I used and which elements were altered or added

I'll be back soon with more new work :)

February 16, 2012

Long overdue new post!

Well, I'm officially terrible at updating this. Mid-February and the first thing you can see on my blog is "Merry Christmas"...!

These little dollies were completed a while ago but I never posted photos of them here. So here they are, Lulu and Irina:

they're both available in the shop.

And this is the doll that I'm currently working on. It's a bad photo and doesn't really do her justice. She actually has legs now and her outfit is almost completed. I hope to finish her really soon and post more photos.

This is slightly random bot I took a felting workshop and wanted to share my first experiments!
Not exactly great, I know, but I'm happy with them, given that they were my first tries.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon with a post about my new digital artwork.
Take care everyone :)


December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! all and to all a good night.

I love this holiday... the lights, the sweets, the presents, the decorations, spending time with loved ones, always makes me feel so warm inside :)
Now I'm off to watch every single movie version of A Christmas Carol ever made..

Have a wonderful time and spread the love x

October 24, 2011

Digital Wonderland

Just some more of my digital artwork. The models for these are two of my closest childhood friends, Sylvia and Niki. The three of us basically grew up together, all living on the same street and going to the same schools. Since finishing school, we have all moved away -although I have just moved back to said street- and unfortunately we see each other a lot less. So last summer we decided to have a reunion and as part of that, a photoshoot! So the original photos that I used for these images are from part 2 of our reunion. (part 1 was when we realized that Sylvia's appartment would be a great place for photos!)

Pale Magic (Sylvia)

Blue Embraced (Sylvia)

The Still Traveller (Niki)

Hope you like them :)