October 13, 2009

new home, doll wip and journals

hey everyone :)

I haven't blogged in over a month and so much has changed in that time. I have moved to Derby, England to do my MA in Art Therapy. I love the city and the course is great so far although it requires a lot of reading which I can't seem to convince myself to do. What's great though is that we get our own little workspace to produce artwork which will be exhibited at the end of the course. I have an idea for a doll animation and i plan to start working on it as soon as possible.

I've been working a few things that i plan to put up in my etsy shop. I actually share a kitchen with five other people now so baking polymer clay is not as easy. Also apparently the oven here is different to the one i had at home and the first time i tried to bake clay i burned it, filling the kitchen with dark smoke and toxic fumes! Fortunatelly they didn't kick me out and my next attempts were a lot more successful. However i guess it will be better for everyone if i don't bake clay in the shared kitchen. I thought of trying paperclay but i can't find any local store that sells it here so i might have to order some online.
Anyway, here are the two dollies i'm working on:

yes, my room is actually this messy right now. i need to start tidying. or reading. but before i do that, i just realized that i never posted pictures of the journals i made. i thought it'd be quite funny to have a doll stare at you while you write.

three of them are still in the shop.

well, i guess that's all for now
take care