August 28, 2009

my first treasury


black&whiteness on etsy!

August 26, 2009

Bahdoon and Amina

This is Bahdoon. His name in Somali means 'born away from home'.

This is Amina. Her name in Somali means peaceful, secure.

Bahdoon and Amina are available in my etsy shop.

August 20, 2009

blue, white and gold

I spent four wonderful days on this lovely island called Serifos. A lot of sun, sea, sand, wind (ok, that was a bit annoying, especially in combination with the sand!), good food and great company. Everything was so great, I wish it could have lasted longer.

It's been several days since I've come back and I have two new dolls ready but I thought my holiday deserved a post of its own. (that and i haven't photographed my dolls yet!)

and that's a happy looking me on holiday. i just noticed it looks like I'm wearing braces but that's actually my hair getting in front of my face!

i'll be back with a post about my new dolls soon

take care :)

August 02, 2009

Lucio and Liz

I had a lot of fun making these!
These busts are aprox.
17cm (6.5 inches) tall. They are the first item that I've listed in my Etsy shop. I know I said I would set up my shop after I had moved to my new place but it seems I couldn't wait that long. August 1st seemed like a nice date to start something!

Btw, I realise that they're not technically busts but I'm calling them that because I don't think there is a more appropriate word for what they are. Or maybe my English is not that good! Feel free to correct me :)