July 28, 2009

colourful eyes - work in progress

first of all, i want to say thanks and welcome to everyone who has started following my blog after the 4 elements challenge. i hope you enjoy what you see here :)

i've been working on some new dolls and i wanted to try using glass eyes because up to now all my dolls' eyes were painted by me. so i went shopping looking for eyes (how weird does that sound?) i couldn't find glass eyes that i liked but i found something better! i was lucky enough to find some beautiful glass beads that i'm using for eyes. their colour looks very different depending on the lighting and the angle from which you look at them. at first i only bought 4 pairs but i loved them so much that i went back and bought 20 more! here's a picture of the first two doll heads i've used them on

and another one taken with flash

these two dolls are supposed to be a couple. as soon as i saw them together they kinda reminded me of my parents (though i bet i'm the only one who can see the resemblance!) so their names and characters will be loosely based on them. hopefully they'll be finished really soon and i'll show you pictures.
that's all for now

July 16, 2009


So, here she is! My new doll Aquamarine, made for the ADO 4 elements challenge.

paper boats and jellyfish are two of my favourite things to draw and i use them as symbols in my creations quite often. i had never used them in a doll before though, so this challenge was a great opportunity to do that. i'm happy with how she turned out (although i wish i had made her hair longer). i hope you like her as well! you can see pictures of her in various stages in my previous post.

i can't wait to see the rest of the dolls created for the challenge! but i guess i'll have to wait until tomorrow :)

my newest doll step by step

about this doll: i'll be participating in the ADO blog challenge, the theme of which is to make an art doll inspired by the 4 elements. As soon as i read what the theme was i immediately had an image in my head of what i wanted to make. So, i chose water (although i have to say earth was a close second). i thought i'd try to take pictures in each stage of the doll while making it and honestly i'm quite proud that i managed to do this because usually i'm just rushing to get to the next step and completely forget! 
Let's see...

step I: the wire and aluminum foil armature

step II: added polymer clay over the armature and made the head and torso, then baked

step III: added hands, then baked

step IV: covered the arms with gauze fabric and painted the doll

step V: gave her hair and started making her dress  

step VI: the dress is almost finished

almost finished. i still have to add the little details which i think will really make this doll special. It's two elements that seem to often appear in the things i create (so i bet my friends won't be surprised ;P)
i'll post pics of the finished doll tomorrow.

unti then... bye bye!

July 02, 2009

my name is...

So, allow me to introduce myself... i'm Christina. i'm from Thessaloniki, Greece, where i currently live (but not for long). i am a theatre and stage design graduate and this September i will be moving to England to study art therapy.
i love creating things. i have a fascination with stop-motion animation which began the first time i watched Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. i have been greatly inspired and influenced by Burton's work as well as by the Czech masters of stop-motion. i have made an amateur short film (which is where these pictures are from) and hope to make more (and more professional looking) in the future. i'm already working on the story and characters for the next one!

Through stop-motion i have become very interested in doll making, which is quite funny since for most people it's the opposite. i am currently experimenting with different doll making techniques and exploring the online world of art dolls, reading tutorials and admiring other artists work. i try to spend as much time as i can making dolls so that i can get better and better at it. i hope that as soon as i settle in my new english tiny little room i will be ready to open my 'dear treehouse,' online shop.
i've started this blog so that i can share some of my work, as well as news and thoughts that i just can't keep to myself!
so,... welcome to my blog :)

July 01, 2009

something new

hello world!