June 12, 2012

Snowglobe princess + animated music video

My latest digital work, which I mentioned in my last post. In my defense, it was started sometime in February! It's partly inspired by Lacuna Coil's beautiful song 'To myself I turned'.

In other news, quite a few exciting things have happened. I might be officially jobless (apart from the occasional commission here and there) but life is keeping me busy. I have presented a couple of Art Therapy workshops lately, which went really well (or so they told me!) My dolls were featured in issue #15 of Fuctart, an online art magazine (available for download here: http://fuctart.gr/). Some of my digital illustrations were exhibited in Athens Video Art Festival last month. Unfortunately the lighting in that exhibition space was really bad so I don't have any photos worth showing. 
Also I was contacted by a band called Lickthestranger who asked me if they could use a stop motion animation video I've made as the music video for their song 'Lifting you up'. I gave them permission and  they handed the video over to a director who edited it to match their song. I really like how the video turned out.
You can watch it here:

I really hope I get to make more animations in the future. I just need to come up with an idea that excites me enough to do it. Fingers crossed it comes to me soon!

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