October 24, 2011

Digital Wonderland

Just some more of my digital artwork. The models for these are two of my closest childhood friends, Sylvia and Niki. The three of us basically grew up together, all living on the same street and going to the same schools. Since finishing school, we have all moved away -although I have just moved back to said street- and unfortunately we see each other a lot less. So last summer we decided to have a reunion and as part of that, a photoshoot! So the original photos that I used for these images are from part 2 of our reunion. (part 1 was when we realized that Sylvia's appartment would be a great place for photos!)

Pale Magic (Sylvia)

Blue Embraced (Sylvia)

The Still Traveller (Niki)

Hope you like them :)


Evelyn Santiago said...

Hi Christina, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your work, especially your bunny girl.
Warm wishes,

Victoria Stitch said...

thanks for your comment on my blog christina! just came across yours and I love it! am now a follower. Your dolls are amazing and so is your digital artwork, love the style of everything!